Marble Hill Reunion
Marble Hill Reunion


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kathy Schneider. I lived in Marble Hill projects from 1951 until 1973.  Have a look around the website andif you have any photos or memories, please share them with the Marble Hill Family.  It was a very special place to grow up in - at the time, we didn't realize how great it was but now we do.  The friendships that were forged back there have remained throughout the years.  If you want to drop me a line you can always write in the guestbook.

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Marble Hill Upcoming Events



Marble Hill Upcoming Events


ATTENTION:  There is a new website that is up and running to commemorate all of Ted Corbitt's accomplishments.  He lived in Building 9 and his son, Gary has just created this website as a tribute his father.  Check it out.  There will be a street naming ceremony for the naming of a street in Marble Hill for Ted Corbitt on August 16th, 2014.



There is a new project taking place right now.  A number of Marble Residents and non-residents have gotten together to collaborate on a Marble Hill History project.  It is being headed by Gary Corbitt and the intent is to highlight people, events and other things which all make up wonderful Marble Hill.